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Описание товара

Joint-stock company is the leading company in production of chrome-tanned leather, tanned material "wet-blue" in the Central Asia and Kazakhstan.

It recycles all kinds of leather and fur raw materials of different preservation methods.

We have extensive experience in the manufacture and supply of semi-wet blue in the far and near abroad (Italy, USA, South Korea, China, India, Russia, Pakistan, Turkey, etc.), provide the entire shoe industry of our country chrome skins .

The company over the long term since 1924. has acquired vast experience in the production of leather and fur, has mastered the Italian technology, also learn to work with new chemical material companies such as Bayer, Stahl, Stockhausen, Ciba and others.

One of the types of products is tanned material - wet blue. Current production is competitive and is in great demand in the market in the CIS countries, and the tanned semifinished "wet blue" from raw sheepskin and cattle exported to South Korea, Iran, Pakistan, China, India, USA, Italy.

JSC has the ability to develop new products, such as rawhide, saddlery.

The company has its own production facilities, large warehouses, has all the necessary base for production.

We are ready for long-term cooperation on the issue of raw hides and ready to discuss other ways of cooperation.

Характеристики Natural leather products

  • — Бренд: JSC Ak-Maral
  • — Страна производитель: Кыргызстан
  • — Цвет: different
  • — Назначение кожи: Обувная, одежно-галантерейная
  • — Сырье: Шкуры КРС
  • — Толщина: 2 (мм)

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Natural leather products